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Queries : 1. is this SERVER bank slot? as in, all toons on any EU shard will be able to access? or SHARD bank slot? as in, all toons on just one shard (say Bloodiron) can access?2. are there multiple such slots? 3. say i remove/delete all characters from a shard on which I bought a slot... what will happen?4. are they upgradable?
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1. Shard only, it's not account wide.2. I would like to know this.3. I would like to know this, also.4. Again, good question.
1. So if you purchase the shared bank, all your characters have access to a shared bank. So all your characters on Shard 1 have access to the Shard 1 shared bank, Shard 2 characters have access to Shard 2 shared bank, etc.2. Can you explain this question a bit more?3. So if you have stuff in a shared bank on shard 1, and delete all your characters on shard 1 the stuff is still there, but it's harder to get to. 4. No
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