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Apologies for the confusion:There was a bug that occurred when we changed an essence. This change would not be reflected if that essence was already equipped: Only by unsocketing and resocketing the essence could you get the altered version. That has been adjusted so that you don't need to unsocket/resocket the essence, you can instead unequip-reequip the focus itself and it'll handle updating all the essences already socketed into it.This bug was noticed when we improved one of the essences, which is why I parsed 'upgrade' in that way
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To be clear, by "upgrade" I mean alt+clicking an essence, for example Dreambreaker into Frenetic. I could believe Foolio's interpretation of it as meaning when you change the stats of an existing essence though.If we no longer have to unsocket an essence to alt+click upgrade it, that was very nice of you.I suppose I'll find out when I get home tonight.
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