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So, by now I'm pretty sure you've been wondering what Planar Crafting is exactly and why you, an awesome Rift player should care. We thought it might be a good idea to share some more information about it and to let you know it will be available for testing on PTS very soon. We will be putting a special test merchant inside the Dummy Foundry with the appropriate recipes and materials as well.Ocho is going to be setting up some scheduled playtests so we can get your feedback early and make changes as needed to get you a fun and rewarding system to supplement the existing crafting content.Here's a breakdown of what you can generally expect with this system, but please keep in mind that this is -as always- a work in progress and is subject to change without notice at any time:
Planar Crafting, a new sub-system has been added to Rift, allowing chosen professions to make new fishing poles, dimension items and powerful upgradeable weapons, armor & accessories!Using the weekly quest rewarded rift lures, players can open a rift, complete it and can possibly obtain the highly coveted and rare material used in the Planar Crafting recipes. This rare resource can also be obtained by fishing with the thematically appropriate fishing pole.The rift lures only work in Taken Glacier, but the items can be crafted anywhere.All of the weapons, armor and accessories crafted can be upgraded at least once.Besides the amazingly awesome amount of common crafting materials that are handed out via the crafting rifts, players also have a chance to obtain rare dimension items, rare tokens and rare crafting materials.Crafting rifts are back. New upgradeable weapons, armor and accessories. Two piece set bonuses on the armor. New dimension items. New planar themed fishing poles and lures.Seek out Tephael in Choreburg to get started!
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