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My point is that we are dimension builders. We want to do things that net us dimension items. We want to have fun along the way doing it. Some of the coolest new items in game for dimensions are coming from having to obtain this lure, so OF COURSE we dimmers are going to fish for the lure. I just think that it could have been done in a more fun and interesting way. To hear from one of the dev team that if we don't like it then don't do it, rather than take our feedback into account and try to act on it, makes this ranger a sad archer.
I'd certainly love ideas on how to make a fishing quest more interesting, but if it's a quest that isn't centered on fishing then it wouldn't be a fishing quest. Saying it's not fun isn't very helpful, because if you don't find fishing fun then you probably won't have fun with any variation of fishing quest.
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