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I understand that, but, shouldn't there be a means for those that really want something to get it, like there is with most things in the game? It sounds like one could fish non stop for a year and never get the lure.
This is a really interesting question, should everything be guaranteed in game given a certain amount of effort? It's something we've definitely considered in this case, but no final decision has been made yet on this topic.If it was an item tied to progression I think there is a stronger argument to be made that it should be a forced success after a certain point. This would be very problematic if it was say required to get into raids. But that isn't the case with this item.So it's something to ponder, fortunately I'm not the one who has to make the decision (although I do advise). Does it become less interesting and valuable if it becomes more common because we cap the maximum amount of effort?
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No one is asking for this to be 'granted to everyone', but just that it be fun and interesting.
It's a fishing quest. It's pretty much what it is, and if you don't like doing it I can understand, but why expect it to be something different? We could have made it available other ways, but 1) that's a very different task, and 2) just because some folks don't like fishing doesn't mean that other folks don't find it rewarding. If you don't like fishing I'd recommend not working on this quest. You probably won't have a good time.
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