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I wonder how many of these guides need updating? Summerfest Hunt Guides
The only real change to those guides is a consolidation of the master quests. The individual sub-quests are unchanged, aside from assorted fixes to bugs reported last year. The Little and Great Scavenger Hunts are not just The Great Mathosian Scavenger Hunt. There will still be a part 1 and 2. Similarly, the Brevane and Dusken hunts are merged into The Great Empyrean Scavenger Hunt. And added this year is The Great Planar Scavenger Hunt. So total, there will be 6 Bracelets available through Scavenger Hunts this year (as opposed to 8 last year), and the current item prices are based on the amount being made available this year. Additionally, there will be bonus Bracelets available through the Minion promo missions.
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