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It went from healing a few thousand per hit to doing 400-700. WHY? Tactician was never OP. Phloromancer was never OP. They killed a totally unique rogue build for NO REASON. Maybe this is a bug? Can we PLEASE get some Trion attention or comment on this?
Neither Red Hawk or I have touched Curative Remote so any changes are surprises to us. First question I would ask though is was this PVE or PVP?
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Yeah... I am pretty sure my phloro guide shed light on some bug. Really hate the lack of transparency. I would love to hear a dev's perspective on this, but I doubt that will happen.
There is no lack of transparency when we are unaware of any change that has been made. However, with a game the large and complex as Rift, there are a lot of moving parts so making the smallest change in any aspect of combat code calculations can lead to untended side effects. Best thing that you guys can do is give us as much info as possible so we can track down what the issue is.
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