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We don't know what is causing the issue. We'll be investigating that tomorrow (and likely for several days thereafter). When this previously happened there was very little information that we were able to obtain as to what caused it. There were a few likely culprits but no solid evidence of any particular one. So we made changes to fix what we believed to be the problem. It turns out with it happening again that those likely culprits were not the case and we'll have to start our investigation from essentially from scratch.We will hunt this issue down until we have a reasonable certainty that it's been fixed. I will do my best to communicate to you players how certain we are of fixes. Now that we know it can happen again that minimum of 'reasonable certainty' however is more stringent.
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Have you figured out what's causing the Vista issue and that's going into the hotfix? Or are you just hoping the hotfix fixes it?Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for anything that gets me playing sooner rather than later but an actual fix would make me happier.
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