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Would it not be possible for phase step to be just a port forward then? Seems like it'd solve many issues if it just ported to the target and ignored directional limitations.Since the main problem seems to be the mage landing in a horrid position, but the proposed change wold still cause the same general issues. Making it be a direct forward port that stays in melee of the boss would bypass a lot of current and future potential problems.
The ability is so rewarding because of the positional awareness it requires to use well. If it were just a one-and-done attack, its damage would be drastically lowered. It also fits the fantasy niche of "teleport attack", something not really served anywhere else in RIFT. It would be simple to change it to something that never put you in any danger at all - it just also wouldn't be as interesting or as rewarding to execute it correctly.In any case, all Harbinger abilities will need some amount of retuning following the PTS changes, so we can change the relative value of Phase Step in the rotation to be a bit lower so that holding it for a couple seconds to ensure your own safety causes less of a hit to DPS. But I'm not really looking to change the fundamental mechanic of the ability at this time.
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