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It seems like a very good idea to have more threat based on endurance than damage. As a Warrior i mainly use VK to tank and i know VK has a good dps. As this change will move threat from dps to endurance, it seem logical that VK will gain less threat from this change than other classes and i would be fine with it if VK wasnt already low in threat generation compared to other classes. If you're sure that it will be a threat increase even for VK then i have nothing againts this change. I still think VK could get a little increase in his thread generation along with this change to be on par with other classes (maybe a small increase in surge threat).
To be clear, the current level 40 passives proc threat on the target of any damaging attack each time you damage them. The amount of threat that they proc is a function of your Endurance. So, I'm not changing the dynamic (Stack End, Get Threat), but I am changing the mechanic by which it is implemented. A.) the threat bonus from the new passive applies to everything you do, including threat from heals, taunts, and positioning, rather than just to damaging attacks. B.) the threat bonus from the new passive is now actually passive, rather than triggering new ability activations each time you deal damage (this is better for our servers). We are also investigating threat disparities between Warriors and other tanks, but wanted to roll this out separately ahead of time so that we only change one threat variable at a time.
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