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I actually created a thread in regard to threat problems a while back hoping for it to be addressed. I suppose this is a good start http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...g-classes.html I do have a question though. Does this mean someone in roughly equivalent, but slightly higher gear quality than me will be ripping threat from me or does the endurance difference have to be pretty significant for that to happen? I have a few backup tanks who have been extremely lucky with tank gear dropping so they even out gear me and have far more endurance so i'm a litlte concerned if that's the case :X
The threat bonus from this new implementation scales linearly with Endurance. Each point of Endurance is worth .0002 Aggro multiplier. So, if you're in roughly the same gear level as another tank but with different stat distributions such that one of you has slightly more End than the other, your relative threat bonuses will be very close to each others and should not result in the higher END tank inevitably ripping threat from the lower END tank.
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