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Now, the intention of this thread is NOT "Rift has no future." I spent years playing the game, enjoyed it, and would not only like it to continue- but would like to see it grow. That being said, we all know a point of contention among the playerbase is speculation regarding the new calling- I don't know if the name will remain, but I believe it has been referred to as "Primalist". Most of the contention is due to lack of developer support in regards to the existing callings & souls- many of which need some attention to perform in the current & future climate of Rift.
I recently posted something in another thread that's relevant here, so I'll go ahead and quote myself.
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It's important to do a mix of [working on new stuff and revamping old stuff]. If all you ever do is rebalance existing classes and address bugs, the game doesn't grow and people become bored. If all you ever do is create new content, then old content languishes over time as it becomes outdated. Doing just one is bad for the players and bad for the game. So we do both. We are definitely expanding the systems team. That's in process, unfortunately it's something that takes time. If there are any internal candidates, they need to wrap up what they are working on and get trained up on the new stuff. For external candidates, they have to give notice, sign paperwork, often relocate, etc. You'll see new system designers posting soon in addition to the ones currently on the team.
The possible outcomes you provided all assume negative outcomes. The idea that a new Calling could be fun, successful, popular, and that we can still work on existing callings is pretty likely from what I'm seeing. We're sometimes dumb, but we're not stupid. Abandoning all old content to only work on new stuff would be stupid.
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Could you please share a link to some resource which proves that there exists a marketing team working for Rift? Thanks in advance.
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I don't actually know if there's a "team" but there has to be someone who creates content for things like the Steam store page.
We have Brand Management, PR, and Sales folks all working on RIFT. They do quite a bit of advertising actually, I see it all the time. Of course we increase it around major releases and such. That doesn't count the creative folks who do things like create videos and images, as well as help with emails and blog posts occasionally.
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Not only a bad grammar but just LOL
It's a joke, the reaction is supposed to be lol. We work in games, job descriptions aren't always entirely srs bsns.
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