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why not fix classes/specs that are already in game before creating a new one?
It's important to do a mix of both. If all you ever do is rebalance existing classes and address bugs, the game doesn't grow and people become bored. If all you ever do is create new content, then old content languishes over time as it becomes outdated. Doing just one is bad for the players and bad for the game. So we do both.
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I find it hard to believe that TRION could not find someone within the organization other then Red Hawk and Vladd to work on the new class exclusively, while the former could get on with the business of class development and balance for the callings already in the game.
We are definitely expanding the systems team. That's in process, unfortunately it's something that takes time. If there are any internal candidates, they need to wrap up what they are working on and get trained up on the new stuff. For external candidates, they have to give notice, sign paperwork, often relocate, etc. You'll see new system designers posting soon in addition to the ones currently on the team.
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I don't care how long its been in the game. It has been used incorrectly since its introduction. This is not a 1 v 1 game nor even a PREMADE VS PREMADE game. Elo absolutely does not at ALL work for a game like this. It has to go immediately so it stops blacklisting whoever is the highest solo queue in the pool. It intentionally places them in matches against a stacked deck half the time. It isn'tright to land against the same premades trying to carry the potatoes. Those premades boast about going 15+ and 1 while every other game is autoloss with nearly zero chance to come back.
Premades matter less than ELO when it comes to wins. If we stopped using ELO, match balance will get much worse. Putting people in to matches that are "hopeless" is something we're looking at addressing in the future. How to best do that, and what a hopeless match is, are very interesting questions however.
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