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I dunno, WG's kind of BS to use when the chloro has to stay within 25m of a target. At least power core can be dropped and left alone.Having it be a range aura on the chloro is pretty damn painful on fights like Threngar during platforms.Maybe consider changing WG to be cast on enemy for the debuff component at the very least?Also changing the heal range without changing the damage aura range is going to confuse newbies more than anything. I've seen so many newb mages not knowing the distance and now that the 30m for healing is outright stated, it'll confuse even more people.
Fair point about the clarity. Wild Growth's radii should all be made internally consistent for maximum readability to users. Since Power Core does not have a healing component, I won't be changing it - these two abilities need to be better standardized in the future anyway.
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