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Strange that most/all of the supporters for the name to be unbanned , it's their 1st time posting on the forum.lol
It's not really all that odd. Most players rarely use the forums - it takes something they feel strongly about, be it a game change. announcement or, a banning issue, such as this one. Strong feelings often inspire a player's first post.That said, when reviewing issues we don't go by character references, but rather facts, as supported by logs. posts and tracked activities in game. In many cases it's calculated on an escalation basis (RARELY applied on a first offense). In this case it was apparently a calculation error and it took us a while to catch up to it. As careful as we try to be, it happens, and we DO investigate when needed. And apologize - I am indeed sorry this pain in the arse ban happened before its due violation level.On the other hand, the cumulative support of fellow players cannot, in and of itself, reverse a ban, if the ban was properly earned. =)Be good to each other, be well, game on!Brasse
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