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I guess I missed the "exploitive means to generate plat" that you are talking about. I didn't see a Dev explain it. I didn't see you explain it. Can anyone explain WHY this change had to happen in the first place? Is buying strands with crafting marks then selling them an "exploitive way to generate plat"? I always viewed it as using my time, mats and crafting ability to create an item to either use myself or sell if I wanted. Where was the problem in this equation?
I mentioned this in my first post in the thread that the reason for the initial change is that crafting marks were always intended to be a closed loop economy. This meant that you use those marks to buy recipes which then are used to generate income for your character. As it stood, marks could be directly translated into platinum via Strands without any need of recipe or expenditure of crafting materials. That broke the loop. We just fixed the loop and returned it to its original state.Also, PTS is being updated as I type this with the change so when it is unlocked, you guys will be able to check out the changes.
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