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Any chance these could be made by multiple professions rather than limited to one each? Kind of like Congealed Dreams for the weeklies?
Well the idea is to give some love to Dreamweaver and Apothecary since they don't have Amenders so let's start with just those two getting them and see how that works out. If we need to, we'll expand them out to some more professions but I think that those two will be fine.
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This!!! ^^^^ Please, Vladd, make this slight change to the assignment of those strands.
Already done. I was looking at it from a perspective of how many are created/used per week and was trying to give the more popular one to Apoth but after looking into it, it certainly makes sense for them to be reversed.
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DO NOT MAKE THEM USE SARLEAF! I cannot stress this enough. too much crap already requires an ***-ton of sarleaf.
No sarleaf will be required. Cloth and leather though... =)
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* For future updates of this significance however, I think most of us would prefer to be polled beforehand rather than after the fact.
Of course. We'll endeavor to make this happen.
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