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Give Apothecaries a new recipe: Strand of Arak Give Dreamweavers a new recipe: Strand of Draum Make the craftable strands tradable. Problem solved.
Love it. We'll make this happen. To be clear about what all this will entail... 1. Current unbound strands that morph will stay as is. We might do a global db replace at some point but in the interest of getting this out ASAP, that can wait. 2. Apoths and Dreamweavers will get one strand recipe each. Probably will be Apoth get Draum and Dreamweavers get Arak. 3. We'll target the material cost of each strand craft to be around 50p which is more than half of what we've seen them go for on the AH prior to this patch. Final craft price may vary depending upon your server. 4. Recipes will be purchasable from Bob for crafting marks. Final price is TBD but expect about 7 days of dailies (Non-patron, 3 crafting professions). I'll update this when we figure out the final price so you can start saving now. 5. Strands will remain on the store but have the crafting mark price removed. 6. Morphed versions, crafted versions and store bought versions will all be tradable.
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