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You know, there's an easy solution that would allow for AH-brokered Strands but close the "Crafting-Marks to Plat" conversion issue: make credit-purchased Strands the "old" trade-able versions that are still in the game (just haven't been right-clicked to convert to the new BOP ones that can be used for crafting). Make the ones that are purchased with Crafting-Marks pre-converted to the new BOP/crafting-ready ones. "Crafting-Marks to Plat" loophole closed; AH-brokered market for "Credit to Plat" converting Strands back in business. Thoughts? Constructive (hah!) criticisms?
The reason we left the others in-game was so that folks would have a chance to offload their inventory especially those posted on the Auction House.However, I think that there is some merit to this concept. Could do it as a chest purchasable only with credits and tradable. Upon opening, it would be 100% chance of a strand that binds to account. No key required to open.This way there is no confusion when looking at the store as to which one to buy as there wouldn't be two strands of Draum or Arak. Crafting marks remains closed loop and folks can securely do business with minimal risk of scamming.Fair compromise?
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