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The costs were barely reduced; none of what made it expensive (i.e., the Strands) was reduced. It looks like them throwing the bone to placate people rightly annoyed by this unnecessary change. I can only guess that they were dissatisfied with these crafting mats actually being affordable and they're trying to drive up prices, while making it so inconvenient for people to get Strands that they'll just buy them with spare credits.
This is not the case in the slightest. The issue is that the Strands were launched as tradable which was a mistake on our part. This meant that effectively what was a closed loop economy of crafting marks now had a tangible platinum value. So, all we have done with this change is return that to a closed loop and removed that platinum value. Yes, I know that a lot of you are going to be upset by this and for that I'm truly, truly sorry. However, it's the right thing to do for the crafting marks economy.
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