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Thanks Gingers & BigDataDude for all the hard work. I popped this over on the other post where Daglar was at and will pop this here also thank you very much. Only three other qualms at this point - not seeing the sellers name anymore knowing I prefer choosing higher priced items sometimes over lower because I know the person and the recommended price needs to be an option please I prefer the AH remembering the price I last listed the same item for often and lastly Dimension items will they be view-able in the future on the AH and on the Item List in Dimensions? Cheers.
Not seeing the sellers name was purely a decision based on running out of room in the UI. We may revisiting bringing that back in the future. As for remembering your last price, there isn't a rush on that but we do plan on adding that in. As for that last one about dimension items, I'm not understanding what the issue is. Kiwi, could you explain that more?
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