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One shotting everything in a Hellbug rift in Silverwood for full notoriety is fun, try it before the Devs see this
This will be fixed in a future patch. Both Invasive Species and Sinister Tide have been disabled in Mathosian zones.To make the Invasive Species and Sinister Tide rift farming a little less disruptive, 2.6 will lower the frequency of these rifts and add lures players can buy to open these rifts wherever they choose.Another change that may work it's way into 2.6 is "on kill" Notoriety requiring that the mob also grants XP, at least for Lycini and Torvan notoriety.As for the other points raised in this thread, we'd prefer to find solutions that encourage players to mentor down rather than force mentor or arbitrarily reduce damage. There are some places where we are using brute force methods in extreme cases (Planar Equity on zone event bosses), but this solution would be pretty terrible if deployed widely. That said, we're looking into other options. Keep the ideas coming
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