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Not sure where I should post this so feel free to move it or delete it. I have had a trion account for a little while, pretty much since Defiance came up. I started playing Rift as a guest not realizing that the account was the same. Now I have reached lvl 9 in the game and when I try to register it just tells me the email I am trying to use is already in use. No ability to 'log in' to an existing account from in game, and I cant seem to find a place to 'log in' or join the account outside of game.
If you start with the anon feature, your existing Trion account is not used. The email you are using already exists for your Trion account. There is no process of merging an anon account into an existing account right now.My suggestion would be to use another email address to your anon account, then potentially contact CS and see if they can move your character to your existing account you used for Defiance.~Daglar
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