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A few more points to address some concerns:
  • These are very much new fights but draw from the themes of the old ones.
  • They aren't being released anytime soon, definitely a few months down the road.
  • You will fight alongside some of the original heroes that imprisoned them.
As I mentioned they pretty much have not been tuned at all yet but, as an example, I'd like for one of the dragons to be more accessible and the other to be more of a challenge. We'll have to see how the mechanics shake out in testing.On the issue of gearing up, as many people have stated Dream Orbs should help significantly with many guilds' progression in T2. I'm also open to tweaking a few mechanics after 2.6 hits to help as well.Also, the class guys want more testing with the new souls so any guilds that test a few times will be given all the new souls to play around with.
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