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Hmmm... I'm not seeing it that bad. Although I do notice a .2 sec delay or so. Not a problem for me, but I don't use turn the blade, where that much delay would be.Looks like we will now be seeing what's Vladd's fast response time. An important test for a warrior dev. Clocks starts in 4 and a half hours Vladd!
I'm testing this locally and not seeing a problem. The abilities function as expected on my end. The only difference is that you actually have to do damage and that means that it waits for animation or projectile travel time. Abilities like Rift Implosion will not trigger bursts because it is no longer instant on any cast. However, it will trigger the burst 8s later when damage is done. This also means that any miss, dodge or parry will not cause the burst to consume either.Now, I know a lot of you are going "WTF Vladd!?!? Why change this?" So here is the reason... because of the way that bursts were set up a long, long time ago, someone figured out that they didn't have a max range nor did they respect line of sight when they triggered. Thus, a Riftblade with enough time on their hands could stand way out of range of any mob and chip them down over time with no risk to themselves. Needless to say, that had to get addressed and this is the solution. I understand that rotations will be a bit in flux as folks have to figure out how to adjust to this. Still, just understand that it was a change that was critical to implement.
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