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That's half the problem. The devs haven't, in as long as I have been back, told us what feedback they wanted. The most I was able to tease out of devs, Vlad specifically, which was more then any other dev in the last 6 months, was his criterion for fixing tank pvp, which is such a large problem in and of itself, that it's almost impossible to do within his criterion.Even that being said, you couldn't narrow it down to a single page. It would likely be at least a dozen pages. It is, no joke, that much material.
Most of the time, there is enough ambient conversation about PVP that I just take notes when I see something that I like. Plus I get a ton of PM's too with PVP suggestions that I can fall back on. I've got a few things brewing for warrior tank souls that'll impact PVP for sure. When I've got that fleshed out, it'll be posted here so you guys can give feedback on it. Super spoiler teaser: Intercept. =)
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