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I looked as some of the notes for 2.6 and it doesn't seem to me to be anything to jump up and down about. It seems to me that the pace of content additions has slowed down considerably. At the present rate, I don't see how 3.0 is going to be possible in 2014. It doesn't look like revenue from the cash shop is going back into RIFT. If it is, its not being spent on development. It would be nice to see something form RIFT; ie; New Race, Familiars, PVP, Raid Finder etc. RIFT seems to have been placed on cruise control. Most of the activity surrounds the cash shop. This was my great fear when it went F2P.
One of the things we've done recently that you might have noticed is somewhat change our development cadence for major game updates. Not every piece of content drops on day one of the update. We are metering stuff out over time. The focus of the team is -- just like the last time we worked on an expansion - split between live content and updates and work for the expansion. The are plenty of release notes (internal check ins) that are for the expansion - and not for your consumption right now. There are any number of live features in development (and discussions that may never see the light of day) - that you don't know anything about yet. I really dislike making promises to the community as a whole and not being able to deliver - that may sound like a cop out - there is a plan, but plans are very fluid - aside from some major commitments. ~Daglar
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