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when will the livestreams ever be about actual gameplay? sure dimensions are cool, awesome etc.. but how many times is trion going to waste such a viable option to show off content to new and returning players?white knights, don't even bother, I know I don't have to watch blah blah blah, so save your words for trion. . its just weird that livestreams are wasted on something only a very small portion of the population uses. id even watch roughraptors stream before id watch another trion livestream. least he shows the game. show some raids, show some mechanics, get a dev in there to talk about raids, dungeons, pvp ANYTHING. teach people about RIFT and everything it has to offer.
Just wanted to add my two cents to this. Last week's stream was the culmination of an amazing and quite long fan-run contest with RIFT Dream Dimensions - but we're going to be going back to more gameplay-oriented stuff this week! We have more 2.6 to show off to you guys - and please always feel free to PM us if there's a specific something (other than upcoming content) you want to see or do WITH us - I'd love that. With Dreamweaver and the Dimensions contest, we were very Dimension heavy these past couple weeks - but we have a lot scheduled to mix that up.
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