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By saying that a vast majority of users of RIFT will never be at this level of loyalty, kinda alienates me and I wonder what the point of hanging around is if Trion are going to focus on a minority, when daily I see the majority are wanting serious improvements to Rift and not just fluff items. By admitting you are putting these goals for these things so far out of reach of your player base as a whole, are you not then turning people off the game and going somewhere else that's cheaper and gives more of a return?
That is a really interesting way to take my statements KaldorlW. The goal isn't to dangle something in front of a new user and say "you must have this!" - the goal - just like with veterans rewards before - is to have something that those that wish to invest more in the product can see as a nice little side benefit. Do you feel it is wrong to have something for people to achieve this far out? I assure you, the amount of development time to introduce this for the Black Tier of loyalty is not taking away other features of the game for you - or anyone else that starts the game tomorrow. Additionally, we cannot give this to everyone, or the feature would simply not go in. The limits exist - unfortunately - for load reasons. ~Daglar
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