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I actually mentioned this 50 bonus auction idea in the black loyalty tier post. Funny!I dont see a problem with them giving a bonus to the most loyal payrons of Rift. I dont see this as charging for it either. You can buy rex with plat and still get this free although it would take monumental effort farming high value items like charred flamesource and harvesting nonstop for god knows how long and then transferring to server with cheapest rex.
This may or may not have come directly from player feedback like this!While it's very easy for folks to jump on the "LOOK TRION IS TAKING STUFF AWAY AND GIVING IT BACK FOR MONEY" train in an alarmist manner, it is not that at all.If this was some sort of a ploy for making huge amounts of money by selling more AH slots after the quick fix - you'd see an item on the store to raise your AH limit discreetly. That item might exist some day, but putting this in the black tier of loyalty is not that.Folks need to understand, it takes quite a bit of dedication to RIFT in the form of money, or savvy trading in REX to reach the loyalty level we are talking about. This is not the "general case scenario" - a vast majority of users of RIFT will never be at this level of loyalty. That is exactly the reason why I'm not afraid to raise the AH limit for folks that get there - it should have a negligible effect on AH performance.~Daglar
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