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Yeah, it's a bit pricey, but after all it's something we don't need for every single dimension we own... I was honestly expecting it to cost around half of what they made it ( XD; ), but I'm ok with getting it just for when I really feel the spawn point is off for what I want (shoreward island, I'm looking at you) My only concern is about pvp dimensions: since they'll need two spawn points, they'll end up being pricey to build if this is the item people will have to use to set the teams' spawn points... and I'm afraid this will work against a concept (player-made pvp environments for everyone to fight in) I really, really like to become widespread! (my dream? having dimensions eventually be able to act as the forge in neverwinter, with us able to build interactive content for everyone neverwinter is kinda meh as a game, but the forge as a tool is just awesome. Some players made extremely entertaining stuff in there...)
Spawn points for PvP Dims won't be the same object ~Daglar
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