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Any chance the melee changes will be close behind been looking forward to testing them for a month.
Chances are good!With the next PTS update (hopefully today) the following changes will be in: Ranger:
  • Concussive Blast: No longer a finisher. No longer does damage. Remains an AoE interrupt on a 10s cooldown.
  • Eradicate: Cooldown increased to 10s from 5s.
  • Backstab: Positional requirement removed. Deals 25% less damage when not behind the target.
  • Advanced Flanking: Removes 10% per point of positional damage penalty for Backstab.
  • Savage Strike: Positional Bonus removed.
  • Final Blow: Positional Bonus removed.
  • Improved Savage Strike: Each point will now grant 5% crit and 5% damage.
  • Improved Final Blow: Each point will now grant 5% damage and 3% crit.
  • Ebon Blades: Now a 100% chance to apply debuff. Damage reduced by 75%.
Still on the to-do list is: Decoy, Pin-Down, & Flame Blitz. I've been messing around with those and I'm not entirely sold on their changes yet especially when it comes to Decoy. I'm considering replacing it all together with something that is DPS neutral for PVP but is a DPS gain for PVE. As I flesh out that idea, I'll post details here for you guys to hammer on.
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