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Honest and frank question. There have been dozens, hundreds, possibly even thousands of suggestions to make tanks a more viable role, however, we rarely get more then silence, sometimes a no to the more absurd suggestions.How far are the developers willing to alter the trees to accommodate tanks becoming a role in warfronts? How much are they willing to alter the pvp status quo?Is it safe to assume that we will be attempting to attach small fixes onto the trees as they exist now to create viability? Or will we be going the full yard including tweaks and fixes by pushing powers around in the trees?I'ld love to just whole-heartedly throw random suggestions out there, but we do need some sort of rule set to work within, a ballpark to throw in, for the more literal minded.
You ask honest and frank questions, I'll give you an honest and frank answer. The only thing that is off the table when it comes to offering up any suggestions (and this is across the board, not just for PVP) is messing around with the soul tree. If the suggestion starts off with "move this down/up" then it is almost instantly declined. Abilities can be re-purposed and altered but moving from their spot in the tree is almost always going to be a no-go. When an ability is added/removed/moved in the soul tree, it means soul resets. These are highly disruptive to the player base and as such, we will only do it whenever there are no other options. People invest a lot of time into getting their specs the way they like it as well as their hotbars and macros. I'd just rather have you guys focus on having a good time playing the game rather than setting up your characters again... and again... and again. Also, resets present a barrier to entry for players that are picking up the game again or those that are prone to being away for long periods of time like folks in the military.The additional perimeter to consider is that anything that is added for PVP should not affect PVE. I consider this as a given but doesn't hurt to state it anyway.So, I hope this answers your questions and gives all of you a frame of mind to work within when it comes to brainstorming ideas for improvements to any calling. =)
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