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One thing that still concerns me, and this is more of a encounter design than anything, is the fact Justicars are preferred on some PvE boss fights still (Proteus for sure). I don't think I should be able to use some "super special I love this spec" hybrid on every boss encounter, but I do think every class should be able to tank every encounter. Warriors, rogues, clerics. No discrimination. Adding in some form of ambient threat (even if it must be managed!) would be fantastic. We already have this to a small degree with Void Knight's Surge, but I feel the area of effect is too small when compared to a Justicar. Reaver's ground targeted corruptions will go a long way into helping get ranged threat, and I don't mind the extra work at all, I just want to be able to reach 70% of what a Justicar can do (again even if I must work a ton to manage it).
I agree that It is one thing to be a preferred soul for an encounter and quite another to be the ONLY soul for an encounter. I want all of the callings including the upcoming Mage one to be in the conversation when considering which soul to use on each encounter. I'm also all for giving skilled players options to excel and show off their prowess.
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It looks like people seem to be after some kind of way to make them a viable target for DPS players, which should never be the case.
I'll disagree that this shouldn't be the case. The core function of a tank is to absorb and mitigate damage while protecting the rest of the party. So, the question is, how do we get people to want to attack tanks instead of just going for the healer first?
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Makes sense. The whole "sacrifice your mitigation to increase your mitigation" deal was always a bit awkward. The Accords would just be offensive, mobility etc buffs rather than for it's core tank stats. Leaving pacts to ne more freely spent to fuel it's cooldowns or heavy hitting abilities (pacts should definitiely remain a central mechanic to the soul however!).
You and I are on the same page here, Kedon. This is what I'm aiming for with the change.
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