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In reading over the past two weeks of posts... I'm honestly surprised the thread didn't get shut down by the CM's. So, let's keep it productive from here on out. Seriously. Back when I took over, of the first 10 or so PM's that I got, several of them stressed that they wanted off of the warrior roller coaster ride. Whether or not there is or was a roller coaster isn't the issue, the fact that these folks perceived that there was one sat with me. I really took that to heart. Even though I see areas that could use sweeping change, I'm purposefully rolling out changes in pieces to keep from contributing to the roller coaster perception. Plus, it's just good design practice to not turn too many knobs at once. With the changes that I posted at the start of this thread, I'm making the first steps towards making warrior tank souls viable again. This is my end goal and notice that I didn't say "in PVP" or "in PVE" either. These changes won't happen overnight. They'll get posted up to PTS and banged on one at a time till we feel that they are solid. Then it'll get patched out to the live servers. Here's a preview of some of the things that are on the list to get done/evaluated to accomplish this goal. These are not the order that indicate their severity.
  1. Remove the notion of this soul mitigates "X" damage type better. The niche of each tank soul should be the playstyle of it, not it being numerically superior or inferior to one of the others. No longer would Paladins be the Physical mitigation tank soul, etc.
  2. Look at the mathematics behind tank souls. After the warrior tank souls are balanced with their mitigation, we need to look at how that stacks up with the other callings.
  3. PVP solution to make tank souls desirable to play. This isn't necessarily a warrior specific issue as it is a global issue for all callings. Warrior just suffers from it the most.
  4. Address cooldown parity with other callings as well as from soul to soul. This one is going to be rather involved as Warriors are in a unique situation of having three tank souls to other callings having one. As such, special care has to be taken when placing them in the tree as it can lead to hybridization problems.
  5. Address HP and equipment scaling issues. Fairly self explanatory.
  6. A hard look at the function and economy of Void Knight pacts. This is a precursor for normalizing the mitigation across all of the warrior tank souls. I'm really leaning towards removal of mitigation and + healing received from pacts because of it. Similar to the change already in for Paladin's Protector's Fury. This would mean that Void and Accord of Resilience would need to be re-purposed. That gets us into issues of what replaces them and how does that affect hybrids since they are 0 and 4 points respectively.
While the changes at the beginning of this thread might look like simple QoL changes, they are actually getting us closer to our goal. It's one more step down the road. The road that I'm trying to keep as level as possible. =) Also, with the Reaver changes already up on PTS, this opens up the option for additions to the soul such as a toggle that reduces survivability but boosts damage done by DoT effects. Effectively making it a ranged DPS soul. As it is, I think it'll be pretty fun in Conquest. I did like the suggestion of Dire Blow and Cyclone Strike refreshing DoTs too. Anyway, let's keep the conversation productive and avoid the taking jabs at one another. If you want to squabble, take it to PM's. Oh, and Happy New Year!
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