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Hi guys,The votes are in! We had hundreds of unique votes cast on the various soul builds. So, without further ado, here are the winners for each Calling. Please note that this is merely the vote based set of winners, and that any additional winners have not yet been chosen!
1. DPS: Storm Brute - Ahov2. DPS: Umbral Zealot - Ahov3. Healer: Aquamancer - Ahov4. Healer: Life-Linker - Usman5. DPS: Frozen Twister - Seshatar6. Healer: Dragon Lord - Burninalways
1. Support: Archonbinger - Dunced2. DPS: The Beginner - Dunced3. DPS: Leafblade - DegnaRed4. Support: Fire Hunter - Burninalways5. DPS: Quintessential Harbinger6. Healer: Healing Blade - Igw7. Support: Eldritch Knight - Burninalways
1. Support: The Bard - TheGrinnz2. Tank: Phasewalker - Muspel3. DPS: Bladedancer - Muspel4. DPS: Bladedancer Solo - Muspel5. DPS: The Skirmisher - Fiskerton
1. Misc: Dendrome Defender - Warbad2. DPS: Warslinger - Warbad3. Tank: Void Knight - RoughRaptors4. Support: The Beastlord - YobiRaion5. Tank: Reaver - RoughRaptors6. DPS: Lord of War - Rorsch7. DPS: Riftblade - DPSI will do my best to ensure that prizes are given out in a timely manner, but most will end up being given out after the new year just because of Holiday timing. Additional winners will take some additional time to be selected, and will be announced as I receive selections from the devs. Congratulations!
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