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Oki so just to clarify: 1) The DPS is not missing. All the values of the dots from every warlock is ticking away on the bosses health. 2) Every warlock is getting their crit bonus. 3) Karuulalert can only track defile on the target for you, if you were the last to cast defile. 4) Your bonus to void barrage, draining bolt, void bolt, contaminate, etc, are NOT diminished if you aren't the last to have cast defile...OR not innadvertantly enhanced if you were last to cast defile? Is that the case? if so, then that makes me pretty happy. We can use multipled warlocks in a raid. We just need to pay attention, atleast until the visual and data is fixed, to the associated crit buff to know when to refresh on our main target (and thus maybe temporarily change our karuulalerts or gadgets if you use that) rather than using the target's debuff. Also in the meantime maybe not to put too much trust in DPS numbers in raid amongst warlocks until its fixed too.
I've been spending some time testing this out on Live, so here's a bit more clarification on what's happening based on what I was seeing:
  • Everyone is getting their crit bonus from Defile, no issue there.
  • When another Mage casts Defile after you they essentially take over the stacks. They get attributed all of the damage from the Defile stacks and their Defile deals extra damage. All of the stacks of damage are then based off of that Mage's stats. Basically if a Mage with 10k SP casts Defile on a target followed by a mage with 1k SP it will be like the weaker mage cast 2 stacks of Defile. There is also the reverse case where you'll get the bonus like the 10k mage had cast 2 stacks instead.
  • Even though the other person is getting credit for the damage from your stack of Defile, Void Decimation will still count your stack and only your stack. The person getting credit for the Defile damage won't get credit for multiple stacks of Defile for the purposes of Void Decimation.
  • There is a situation where a debuff icon can be left on the enemy even after Defile has finished. I'm still figuring out what is causing this, but it doesn't appear to cause any direct issues. However, it will count towards the number of stacks of Defile showing on a target which will then make it appear that the stack of Defile is doing less damage than the number of stacks appears that it should indicate. At the moment I believe it has some connection to refreshing Defile through something like Persist or Void Barrage.
  • Using Persist etc. while someone else is getting credit for the stacks of Defile, if you currently have Defile on the target, will essentially be like recasting Defile and give you credit for the Defile stack damage until someone else casts Defile on the target.
  • Each person casting Defile still has their Charge drained regardless of who the damage is credited to.
  • Your stack of Defile still has its own timer. Meaning it will still drop off after 16 seconds even if the stack was refreshed by someone else and shows time left when your stack should drop off.
The good news on all this is I have a fix in. The bad news is I don't have an ETA on when to expect the fix on live servers. More info on that when I have it.
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