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Hello, aspiring Dream Weavers! I have more Dream Weaver information to share - General Info
  • Dream Weaving will go live with 2.6.
  • Crafting Skill Spheres will work with Dream Weaving. This fix should be in with the next patch.
  • We are aware that players have unused dimension items in abundance and we're thinking about solutions for it. Dimension item salvaging is not in the cards for the Dream Weaver.
  • If you want all the tradeskills on one character, you will need to buy a total of 7 Trade Skill Extensions for that character.
    • There are 12 total tradeskills.
    • There are 2 tradeskills (Fishing and Survival) that don't take up tradeskill slots.
    • 3 tradeskill slots are free.
    • That leaves 7 slots you'll need extensions for.
  • We are in the process of adjusting drop rates for certain artifacts so the system becomes more fair. This should address the critter tear issue.
  • All trophy fish will be salvageable with the next patch to PTS.
  • Nearly all artifacts are salvageable, including Twisted artifacts. Exceptions include artifacts that respawn very quickly.
  • We do not intend to sell Dream Weaver recipes for crafting marks. Thus, there are no Dream Weaver dailies.
  • Most Dream Weaver recipes will be on the trainer, with a few special recipes sold via the Rift Store and other methods.
  • Dream Weavers start crafting Dream Orbs at the Master rank. Characters are expected (but not required) to be around level 40 when they hit Master. All Dream Orbs are applicable to gear level 40 and up.
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