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I was taking a new toon through the new, relevelled IPP and although I did the first quest relating to this plotline (something to do with the Library), I can't figure out where to continue it.
This story line (though not all of the exact quests) will return in 2.6 as part of the Air Saga. The will not count as Iron Pine quests for the achievement.
Right now I'm sitting at 82 quests completed in IPP, out of 98 (according to the Achievement). So obviously I'm missing a big chunk of quests(or else Trion took out a bunch of quests and forgot to update the Achievement).
Players are not led on a rail through all possible questing areas now - areas like the Blood Iron pools and Kestrel's Cry Ravine. There are also some Carnages and other hidden quests scattered across the zone. Good luck!
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