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Does anybody know what to do for the achievement that asks us to pick up event-themed items from around telara??
The thing being looked for are the small random lootables that appear around quest hubs - Mistletoe, Yule Candles, Mugs of Wassail, etc.
also...what are the ways of getting the lumps of coal?? the only one i've gotten so far was from the holiday whitefall warfront.
They can be had from Fae Yule trees that appear around the zones out in the world. (away from hubs). If you look on your main map, the locations of trees currently in the zone will be displayed by an icon, like a foothold.
+1 on not knowing how to locate those event rifts either
This... is broken. I just spent the morning investigating and can confirm that no, the yule rifts are not spawning and have not been spawning on Live servers. The next patch will remove this achievement (at least until next year) and remove it as a requirement from the meta achievement as well. I will also fix these rifts to actually spawn in the future.
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