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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! Some quick answers -
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My questions and suggestions so far: 1) Will this be a slot-free craft? (similar to survival and fishing) or will this be a slot consuming craft?
Dream Weaving requires a tradeskill slot.
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2) If its a slot consuming craft, will the cap be raised so we can purchase another slot?
With 2.6, the tradeskill cap will be raised to 10. You'll be able to have all crafting and harvesting tradeskills on a single character.
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3) Will a credit consumable also be implemented to be able to remove really desirable orbs from equipment when upgrading like we can with runes?
No; Dream Orbs don't retain stats on them like runes do. A Dream Orb's random roll is made when you apply it to an item, and the stats the item gets are based on your Calling as well as the item's level. So if we were to let you remove Dream Orbs, they'd be exactly like unused Dream Orbs.
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4) Is there a level limit imposed on dream weaving orbs? I haven't tested yet so maybe others can answer this for me. I'd assume you wouldn't intend for the master level ones to be able to be equipped on newb armor.
When we tested the Orbs, it turned out that items below level 40 didn't get enough of a bonus to be useful. So, you are blocked from applying a Dream Orb to those items.
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