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I would like to add, there is a quest from the faceless man in Illumination Point that doesnt show until level 46 to kill a minor boss just north of the town. Cannot remember its name, but it needs looking at.
This quest is part of the Water Saga and not part of the normal Iron Pine content.
Also, could you re-enable the quest from Sentinel Enthea to kill the redsnow courier and bring the item to her? Like I have said before, the redsnow courier is still a level 42 character.
I touched on this yesterday in another thread - that quest is still there, but is also not part of the normal zone flow. It is part of the Marshal Kain story, is still a level 42 quest chain (which is why the neutral courier is still level 42), and is also a Guardian only quest arc.
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The 2nd arc of the Marshal Kain story (the part in IPP) has been left as a lvl 42 quest arc as most of the content is either facing lvl 42 targets or in other zones (aside from the one quest to slaughter bandits). I would like to add a breadcrumb to this middle story arc at some point, hopefully for 2.6.
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