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Hi all, Just to follow up - thanks to everyone who has submitted a resume so far. I've looked at each one and responded to everyone - if you believe you submitted but haven't heard from me - please check your forum mailbox again and PM me if you don't see anything. To answer some of the questions from the thread:
But any news about hiring student engineer for a 3-to-4-month or 6-month internship (as we talked about it a while ago) ?
While I don't believe we have any internships at the moment, Scott Hartsman let me know that we are open to internship ideas if they make sense. Send me your details via a PM and we can look into it further.
Out of curiosity, what languages are we talking about here?
Rift is basically in C++. We also need people with Java experience to work on our platform (Rift Store, etc.) Both of these, of course, access databases via SQL.
I suppose this is just for US citizens, right? otherwise where can I send my resume?
We do need people who can work in the US, but we've had people from other countries come here to work at Trion.
Does Trion offer positions to people located in states other than their offices in Texas and California?
I don't believe so at this time.
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