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Apologies for the late response on this. I had promised it earlier this week but the plague slowed it down. As with the Warrior post, the format is things that Iím actively looking at and things that are on the radar to be addressed. Currently contemplating:Ranger:
  • Removal of min range. Remember my standard disclaimer? It applies double for this. Look down at the bottom of the post if you don't recall.
  • Concussive Blast: No longer a finisher. No longer does damage. Remains an AoE interrupt on a 10s cooldown.
  • Pin Down: Changed to a GTAoE snare. Places down an AoE effect that lasts 20s. Cooldown remains at 30s. While in the AoE, enemies are snared. Snare effect ďlingersĒ for 3s after leaving AoE.
  • Twin Shot: Fixed the all or nothing crit roll.
  • Removal of min range. Same as above.
  • Close Quarters Combat: Name change to Ranged Combat Mastery. Increases damage of all ranged attacks by 2%.
  • Eradicate: Cooldown increased to 10s from 5s.
  • Decoy: Decoy now takes significantly less damage from AoE abilities. Single target damage taken remains unchanged.
  • Backstab: Positional requirement removed. Deals 25% less damage when not behind the target.
  • Advanced Flanking: Removes 10% per point of positional damage penalty for Backstab.
  • Savage Strike: Positional Bonus removed.
  • Final Blow: Positional Bonus removed.
  • Improved Savage Strike: Each point will now grant 5% crit and 5% damage.
  • Improved Final Blow: Each point will now grant 5% damage and 3% crit.
∑ Nightblade:
  • Flame Blitz: Now spreads the Fiery Spike stacks equal to the targetís stack count.
  • Ebon Blades: Now a 100% chance to apply debuff. Damage reduced by 75%.
Under the Eye of Vladd:
  • Saboteur: Making it more than a 1 button macro soul.
  • Bladedancer: QoL changes to the dances to make the soul more accessible to more players.
  • Poisons/Weapon Enchants: Reduction of the amount of reliance that rogue DPS has on these since it is subject to RNG and purges.
Standard disclaimer:Just because Iíve mentioned something here or anywhere on the forums doesnít mean that it is set in stone and will come to pass. Testing on PTS, issues found during implementation, or aliens gaining control of the planet can determine that changes need to be made or in some cases unmade. Also, just because I donít have a bullet point for every single soul doesnít mean that Iím not working on them either.
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