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Fae Yule was my favourite holiday but it seems the cash shop is at the centre of all decisions now and screw event's fun.
Serious question - if Fae Yule was your favorite holiday, what was removed that took all the fun away?*Because I did not remove any of the activities. The old in-game content was not pruned away or moved to a "pay wall". More things were ADDED, still free - artifacts, expansion of the activities and theme into the newer zones, even more rewards and items still earnable in-game without credits.So everything you loved previously is still there plus more, all without needing credits.And then, above and beyond all that, some new things are in the store. Because that is how Rift keeps going forward. And that said, the cash shop is not at the center of ANY of MY decisions. Nothing I do, at any part of my day, revolves around store transactions. Other people have that responsibility. Every bit of my work every day goes towards content in the game accessible by everyone without a thought towards credits spent.So, since I have seen repeatedly now that this used to be everyone's favorite event but now it is ruined - what has been taken from you to ruin what you loved?
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