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Surrendering is a good idea, but Trion should probably implement some degree of requirements before a team is able to execute such an action. A 3 minute timer or 5 kill count reached should probably be set before teams are able to surrender. This is to prevent the possibility of teams instantly surrendering and re-Qing constantly which could have detrimental effects on PvP slot allocation server performance.
The way things are currently implemented we can't really stop a player from forfeiting the match for their team. Any player can simply log out, and the resulting match would become an even worse 4v5 battle. Because of this anyone leaving an Ranking-only match (like the current 5v5 Deathmatch) is given an automatic "loss" on their individual ELO rating.
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They are probably currently testing the water to see how received and subscribed this new feature will be before devoting more time and resources in its development. It may look pretty plain and simple at the moment but there is probably quite alot of work involved at the backend. Separate 5v5 specific ELO rating matchmaker and database, team tagging registration, ruleset modifier and maybe a tiered team allocation.
This is the reason - there was a lot of back end coding that needed to be done to support Ranking-only reward matches; cleanly separate the Ranking-only queue from the other warfront queues, implement new ELO tracks in player storage, craft new testing tools for QA, hook up Ranking-only warfront controls to our admin tools, pushing new ELO and Ranking-only warfront data down to the client, new logging information, in addition to going through and making sure when playing a Ranking-only warfront that players only get Ranking changes and no loot/xp/etc... and that was just my server back end work. Then there's all the client, design and QA work. We're currently following the forums, watching the logs, reading the metrics off the diagnostics tools, and in general checking out how it's received.
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