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I'm missunderstanding this when I read that to mean you need the artifact tracking buff, right?
Yes, to clarify - anyone can see and collect the Fae Yule Gifts when they are up. No buffs are needed. I was just pointing out that the tracking buff can make them easier to spot
At any rate, if they are dropping - the drop rates too low imo. I ran them from 6:45 till nearly 9, (eastern time), and didn't see a single person get an artifact. That's...phenomonally bad. There was a good sized group through the entire time, although that brings up another problem imo. If the group isn't big enough, does that mean we won't get any to spawn?
I am not clear with how you are looking? They appear in the world, like any other artifact, in the same kinds of places. The spawn rate seems like it should be ok if I was able to collect 6 on a live server in 10 minutes. I wonder, perhaps, if people are not realizing they are seeing something collectible? These artifacts, rather than being normal sparklies, appear as small gift boxes that show up in typical artifact places.
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