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Now think Trion put all the achievements by the rift store?
I want to take a minute to address this specific concern regarding achievements being only from the store now - this is not part of any grandmaster Trion plan. I am the person that updated most of the actual game content for Fae Yule this year, but I do not handle itemization. All itemization - both things purchased through the store AND things able to be earned in the game - are done by someone else. When he made the items, he made achievements to go with how he implemented some of the itemization. When I did my updates, I did not add any achievements - mostly because the idea of doing so slipped my mind. No plan for funneling achievements through the store. I could have added achievements and just neglected doing so. So please do not assign some nefarious purpose to York's inclusion of item achievements, because he did not have any dark purpose. Instead blame me for the lack of other achievements (not counting the warfront ones that were from last year). That said, I will look at adding some achievements today that can go live in next week's update.
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