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1)Will the damage of Draining Bolt be increased the same way as it is now with the talent change? Is it an additional effect or does it replace the old one?
The part of the talent that affects damage isn't changing, so this is just an addition to account for the healing boost the damage increase gives the current version of Draining Bolt.
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2) Can you do the same thing with Mortality? It is affected with both pvp nerfs now too. Mb it should heal 5/10% of caster's max health each second per enemy damaged, or 10-15% of caster's max health every second without being dependent on enemy numbers (still damages foes though). It will not be OP even in PVE (will heal about as much as it does now) and bring it in line with Inq's Judicial Privilege. Actually, it should be even more powerful than JP because it drains Charge, makes you stationary (now) and can't be reset.
I'll take a look at Mortality's healing.
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