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I'm personally a little disappointed Vladd went on the defense right away when confronted by the rogue community about QoL issues with rogues in PVE. But i'm going to reserve my judgement and see how this all plays out on his end.
Please don't take my two previous comments as being defensive. They aren't and I apologize if they come off that way. Both responses were meant to prompt discussion and get more information so that the suggestion can be properly evaluated. In the sense that it prompted discussion, success! Not to mention that I got a lot of collateral feedback on other things that I had on my list to look into such as the effectiveness of Pin Down, Concussive Blast (I've never really liked how this functions), energy issues, pet management, and target swapping. Did I get the information that I was looking for? Kinda. Am I considering removing the range penalty for Rangers and Marksman? Certainly. Is this a 100% set in stone decision that the penalty will be removed? Nope. See the disclaimer below.Vladd's standard disclaimer:Just because Iíve mentioned something here or anywhere on the forums doesnít mean that it is set in stone and will come to pass. Testing on PTS, issues found during implementation, or aliens gaining control of the planet can determine that changes need to be made or in some cases unmade. I think I'm gonna add that to my sig.
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